Christmas Is Here!

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend and were able to rest up for the big week coming
up.  Christmastime can be such a great
time of year as most people are in a good mood and we get to talk to friends
and relatives more than usual.  The goal
is to keep the stress down to a minimum and just be happy and grateful that we
survived another year.  It’s a great time
to put past differences behind us and move forward into a new year of positive
goals and good feelings.  The past is the
past so let it go.  And don’t forget
about your health goals for 2024.  At
Natural Health, we’re trying to change the Health Care paradigm from that of
disease management, as it is now, to actual true and vibrant health for all.  A lofty goal but you have to start somewhere.

                In our Health
Shop this week, we’ll be talking about Handling Holiday Stressors.  There are some simple things to do to help
your body and mind handle the different events going on during the Christmas
and holiday season.  We’ll be talking
about the dietary and nutritional components of that, and the reduction of
nerve interference that helps your body to “compute” the stressors in our
environment and how we should handle them. 
The brain and nervous system are what figure this all out but there are
ways of helping it do a better job.  For
example-there is a major brain – gut connection that must not be ignored during
this season.  It basically boils down to
the more crap you eat, the crappier you’ll feel.  “Food” for thought.

article I’m sending along looks at different spices that can help with digestion
and to reduce bloating.  These may be
very necessary for all the foods and things will get into during this holiday
season.  The point here at Natural
Health, is that there are so many good at natural foods and nutrients out there
to help with human maladies, that we shouldn’t even need to look at the
artificial and synthetic drug stuff. 
Especially if we can control ourselves and not go too crazy with the
diet and drinks.  Nature has put so many natural
medicines out there for us and all we have to do is realize that they are
available.  We use Standard Process whole
food nutrition and Mediherb herbal products to handle most any condition that
patients bring us.  It’s important to
realize that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves, as they have for
thousands and thousands of years, but barriers to health must be removed and
that’s what we do with our Nutrition Response Testing work.  We can figure out what is going on in that body
and what it needs to remove these barriers that come from traumas and toxins
and thoughts.  The subluxations that we
take care of with our chiropractic work are the same thing, barriers to good
health.  Let us help you start your journey
towards good health in the coming year by removing these barriers.

from all of us here at Natural Health, the staff and providers, have a very
Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. 
Don’t forget about us when you’re talking to friends and family over the
holidays and their complaining about their health problems.  We have free consultations to help them to
know what we do here, because it is different than most people are used
to.  At Natural Health, we just want all
our patients to live a healthy and vibrant life until it’s time to move on to
the next dimension.  None of this sitting
in a nursing home for years not knowing who you are.  

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well-Dr.