Christmas Spirit

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
you all had a great weekend and am getting all rested up for the holiday coming
up soon. Christmas is a great time of year if we can just keep ourselves from
being stressed out and over buying stuff. Jesus Is the Reason for the Season,
not all the gifts and spending, but that’s fun too. It was a little cooler over
the weekend but at least the sun was shining most of the time, so get that
vitamin D stored up while you can. Not that I really want any snow but it looks
awfully brown out there and snow would make it look more cheery, as long as it
stays off the streets and sidewalks-ha.

week in our health shop we are talking about Holiday Stressors. It should be
some good information that we will post on, Rumble, and YouTube.
I must not be trying hard enough yet because I haven’t been kicked off of
YouTube yet. Will keep trying though. I really can’t believe all the censorship
and lying that’s going on in mainstream media and social media right now but
the truth will come out eventually and the numbers don’t lie.

article that I’m sending along today is an interesting look at the Surgeon
General of Florida saying actual good words about being healthy. It’s very
refreshing to see a government official actually talk about things that help
people to be healthy and not just talking about more drugs and more medications
and more vaccines. Hopefully more states will look at this information and get
their citizens to look that way too. At Natural Health, we are all about
keeping people healthy and preventing problems rather than waiting till you’ve
got a major health crisis in trying to treat it. Not only is our way less
stressful and less painful but it’s much cheaper too. I know a person that fell
at a restaurant and called the ambulance to take her to the hospital to be
checked. She had a MRI of the skull and found no problems. They bandaged up a
few cuts and she was released. The bill was $38,000. Now I realize that a fall
is a little different than a disease process but the disease processes cost
much more as a person who has had heart surgery or survived cancer will tell
you. Our goal at Natural Health is to help our patients avoid that outcome if
at all possible. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark