Good day Natural Health Family. Hope everyone was able to enjoy their weekend either by getting some things cleaned up or spending time with others. I experienced an event over the weekend that had me realize something that we all may do from time to time. It was related to doing a lot on our own and not reaching out for help. This could be in many different ways but sometimes it is a matter of letting go. 

When I played football way back in the day (haha) I remembered what a coach once said. I may not have it exactly right but it went something like “the best players are the ones that are the most coachable.” Now what this means is that a player can have all the best grit, tenacity, ability, skills, talent, or moves in the world. However, if they can’t be coachable then they will never excel past the level that they currently are at. The person has to let down trying to do it all on his own so that he can learn what he may be doing that is actually causing the player not to be better than he already is. 

It becomes a matter of seeing things with a neutral lens. When we can’t let go of things we have learned before so that we can make even small changes to get better, we must be able to not take offense to what can help us to grow. It sometimes can feel bad when someone is critiquing us. However, if we know that they want us to be better we must be willing to lay down our judgment of the one who is giving us advice so that we can see it not as hurtful but helpful. When we have a clear goal to better ourselves in any area of life, it can help us take on anything that comes towards us. We can then shift our perspective to see how we can learn from whatever has happened to us. 

Life can teach us lessons and we all can choose to grow from them. Some lessons can seem more difficult than others. Nonetheless, it is up to us to develop the skill of responding appropriately and adapting to all of what life brings us.

Thanks for reading.

Dr. Chip