Hello to all of the great people of the Natural Health Family! I wanted to express my appreciation to all who are a part of the Natural Health Family and to share that we love serving you and helping you to feel great. We continue to learn more ways to help you and want to stay up to date as possible. However, I also wanted to illustrate the point that healing doesn’t come from outside but within and that it’s not going to be the next best thing or product that is going to help people to stay healthy but to understand how the body functions to bring about great health. Two topics I am going to talk about is first how we are all connected and why it is important to help one another. The other topic is again where true health and healing come from.

How are we all connected? I have talked about quantum before but to reiterate, quantum is a branch of physics that sees the world as all energy. We tend to think that our bodies and the things we touch are physical and non moving objects. However, everything is constantly moving or vibrating but just appears to be still. The other principle of quantum physics is the principle of entanglement. Entanglement demonstrates that we are all connected energetically. When we choose to act or think negatively towards others than we are ultimately affecting ourselves negatively. When we act or think positively towards others we increase our own energy which creates a healthier state of being for ourselves. To put it briefly, treating others like you want to be treated sums up this principle nicely. 

Now where does health come from? Energy is our health currency. When we have more energy, naturally we have better health. However, we might ask what directs this energy to perform many of the biological and physiological processes that the body needs to perform to facilitate health? When you think about breathing you automatically (because i said it) start to control on your own because you are aware of it. What is controlling your breath when you are not aware of it? Many people tend to forget that the body constantly self heals and self regulates itself without our thinking about it. Similar to when you get a cut on your hand and it heals on its own, the process is the same for everything that happens in the body. When we respect ourselves knowing how what we EAT, DRINK, and THINK affects our health, then we can allow our bodies to heal and regulate. 

We are in this together. Happy learning and have a great week!