Hello Natural Health Family. I imagine you all had a joy filled weekend and if not I hope it worked out well. Last weekend I was able to attend a family gathering which consisted of a celebration of life. I got to see people I haven’t seen in a long while and connect with others. I also learned more about family and where everyone is at in life. Let’s talk about connection and how it can help in our lives. 

When we think of connection we think of various things. It may be our internet connection when we want to get online with our phones or computers. It may be the ability to send a message or call a person. We may think of the physical cords we have to connect to our electronics such as cables to the television or headphones to our phones. Just like connecting with cords or the internet through a clear signal, people can connect by physical means such as a handshake or non physical means by just being there as a helping presence in times of need.  

Social media has been a tool for many of us to connect. When Covid emerged many people lost the connection with friends and family members. People did not have the ability to be able to physically connect with others or at least even get into their presence. Social media and other online means helped us to connect when we were not able to through other ways. However, this same tool is a double edged sword. As it helps many people connect it can also be misused as a means of disconnecting. Being on our phones excessively causes our brain and bodies to become unbalanced in a way that causes many to be dependent on the use of their phones. As this happens more and more we then see many things that we may want to be able to do or places we want to go. This causes us to feel like we are lacking and may tend to lead to feeling anxious, irritated, depressed, etc. Social media can be great but just like anything, if not used properly can lend to other issues. 

Life continues to flow and as it does there are many things we can’t control. Although. one thing we can control is our ability to connect. Whether it is a smile as you pass by someone, a friendly wave, or a deeper connection with a loved one, the connection we have is important. It brings a sense of knowing that in some way we are all connected as this world goes through the changes we have experienced. Our connection can help us feel more stable as life unfolds. Just like a tree with strong roots, when we are well connected we can always weather the storm. We may never know just how impactful small acts of connection can be for others. I encourage you to find some good ways to connect this week.

Thanks for reading. 

Dr. Chip