Control What You Can

 Hello Natural Health Family. First off I wanted to apologize for my absence this week. I intended to be back to start the week Monday. However, Mother Nature had other plans. I have not been able to get back to Quincy due to winter storms and flight cancelations. After going back and forth of what to do and finally getting a flight booked I realized (or remembered) a lesson that I wanted to share with you as it may be a good time for you too. We tend to want to control many things in life but sometimes life doesn’t work that way.

This weekend I went snowboarding. I have never snowboarded in my life but have heard it is a lot of fun. I also wanted to do something new that would push me past my comfort zone. Let me tell you that the South Park Quincy hills are a little smaller than the Colorado Mountains. Every time going down the mountain is a mixed feeling of fear and fun. It seemed when I let go and trusted myself to be able to go down the steep mountain that I had more fun (and not fell so much). I trusted that I could as some would say go with the flow or feel more how the mountain moved rather than try to analyze all what to do.

A great lesson I learned (or remembered) over this past weekend while snowboarding is staying relaxed and keep moving. I’ll be honest, I thought snowboarding would be easier but after falling many times on the first day I realized what I didn’t know. I had friends help me and coach me on what to do. When I fell I would start to feel frustrated and not accept the advice from others. Then I would force or try to control everything and fell more and more. Then I realized I needed to relax and do what I needed to do one step at a time. This allowed me not to be overwhelmed with everything and know everything takes a little practice before we get good at it. Then after a while I started to let go more and more and found it to be much more fun. At one moment I just “felt it” and then seemed like I got what everybody was talking about. 

Many times in life the plans we make or how we think it will go doesn’t work that way. Sometimes we get in our heads too much and overthink and complicate what situation we are in. Sometimes thinking what others will think of us limits faith in ourselves and what we are capable of instead of just doing what needs to be done. When we realize that nature (such as winter storms) changes our plans sometimes we then can map out what we want in life and then let life fill in the details. We will never know exactly what life will offer us and when it may seem  that when life seems to be falling apart it may actually be falling right into place.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!

-Dr. Chip