Coronavirus and Vitamin A & C

Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

            I hope that everyone had a great
weekend and enjoyed some sunshine-get that vitamin D now and help your immune
system, never been more important! We had plenty of rain too, which should
bring up the May flowers. In this Spring time of year, I think it’s important
to realize how life continues and rebuilds itself. This goes for our bodies and
immune systems as well. If you are not doing well or feel tired and just not
yourself, this means the body is not healing correctly and needs help. Like the
flowers and the grass need rain and sunshine, our bodies need nutrients and the
digestive ability to absorb them. This is what we do at Natural Health.

            I’m sending along an article on
where the most likely place is to contract this virus business. The article is
good and actually uses some common sense thinking to get the point across. The
point I would like to make is that with this article, and many others that I
have read and videos that I’ve watched, all these “experts” don’t seem to be in
consensus as to what should be done with this pandemic. You would think with
all the different epidemics and flu seasons we’ve had, there would be some type
of consensus on how to proceed with this. But there isn’t. That’s why think
there’s more going on here than just an epidemic, perhaps a political agenda.
It still costing lives and mainstream medicine should be looking at any
strategies to increase the outcomes, like vitamin C and vitamin A usage, rather
than just waiting for a miracle vaccine and think that will take care of it.
When it comes, I’m sure it will be advertised as a salvation for all but many
will have problems with it. Time will tell.

            The important point here is to make
sure that you take care of yourself and your loved ones, keeping their immune
system’s up and strong, and just being healthy. Being pain-free is great but
doesn’t mean health. At Natural Health, we use our three-pronged approach to
get people healthy, and in a healthy state you don’t have pain. Health is
essential and should be thought of this way when making budgets and spending
resources. New boats and cars are great but you must be healthy to enjoy them. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark