Coronavirus Statistics & Pre-exisitng Conditions

            I hope that you had a great and Blessed
Easter, and was able to get into the mood of the day. It sure was strange not
being able to go to church, especially on Easter Sunday. Again we’re seeing
signs that this will be over soon but we all need to look at our health status
and keep this from happening again. Mainstream medicine is doing their thing
right now and helping people to make it through their illness, which is great,
but just treating people over and over with medications is not helping people
get healthy and vibrant.

            I’ve included an article today that
reports 99% of the Italian fatality’s had pre-existing diabetes or heart
disease. I think we will find that the statistics from other countries will
show a similar trend. We all knew that people with lowered immunity would be
the ones hardest hit. It’s time for us to get away from this mainstream medical
paradigm of treating disease with drugs or surgery and look at a new paradigm
of getting people actually healthy and not needing to be on these drugs or need
surgery. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a need for medical care,
especially in emergencies, but we are treating everyone as an emergency even
though it’s a chronic problem and folks are not getting well. There is so much
information out there on vitamins and minerals and good diets and how they help
people to stay healthy. There also needs to be more education on why eating
refined sugar and junk food is so bad for the body and its immune system. We’ve
went from the local grocery stores of yesterday that had good foods and its own
butcher shop, to the convenience stores of today that are loaded with junk
food. And people eat out too much, it will be interesting to see what stats
change with all this as people have not been able to eat in restaurants. Of
course the fast food drive-throughs are still open.

            I hope you’re getting the point here
that everyone needs to look at being healthy and there are ways of doing that
rather than waiting for them to catch a disease or a bug and then treating it.
This pandemic should have woken a lot of people up to this fact. We are here at
Natural Health with the correct technology and the experience to help patients
do just that. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark