Criticism and Sympathy

 Hi everyone! Today the discussion will focus on the two different emotions of criticism and sympathy. These are important especially in this day and age where many tend to always be analytical about certain topics. 

Criticism may seem negative but only when used inappropriately. Many people tend to see criticism as something bad because it has been used as finding fault in others. Destructive criticism has been used much more than constructive criticism and as a result many are geared towards looking for the flaws in the world. The original definition of criticism was viewing and analyzing an object or thing not finding fault but rather finding excellence. We are conditioned to find fault because we have seen the ideal or perfect and find the imperfect. When we use this measure of seeing the bad or imperfections in others we will see that the same measure we have used will be used on us as well. This leads to feelings of lack, inferiority, and separateness. However, we must come to learn that we are all connected and when we start looking for the good things in our life we will start seeing it more of the time. As a great man once said, “he who has not done wrong may throw the first stone.” Everyone has made mistakes but when we see ourselves in others and place our energy to seeing the good of others, we will inevitably not be quick to judge or criticize. Instead we will start to use criticism’s opposite which is sympathy. 

When we confine our sympathy to only our groups or communities and not express fully to all others, we only exercise the lowest form of sympathy. We as humans again tend to see fault but when we look at nature we are very less likely to judge. I bet when you look at a group of trees you don’t say that one is fatter or skinnier or when you look at clouds do you think that some are misshapen more than the others. When we are able to again see ourselves not just in our friends and loved ones, but also the people we do not know, then we are exercising our will of seeing the good at a greater level. Sympathy is putting ourselves in others shoes so to speak and to know what the other is experiencing because we have been there before. However, we should know not to overindulge in sympathy. When others are down or depressed and we bring ourselves to their level and stay there then we are not able to help them. We must keep our poise and help them out of their own self pity. Sympathy is an attribute when used correctly can lead others to place their focus not on the darkness of the shadows but direct their gaze back to the brightness of the light. 

It can be easy to get caught up in all the daily affairs and to see the suffering and turmoil. However, when we walk the road less traveled, one that chooses the higher more positive aspects, then we will help allow others to also take that path. Let’s walk this road everyday of our lives and see the greatness it can lead to. Have a great day!