Dark To Light

 Hello Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone enjoyed themselves at least some during the past weekend. I have been contemplating the health of our country and even the world. It comes up in discussion here and there for various reasons when talking to others. Let’s then discuss a way of seeing health and illness to gain a different perspective. 

When you think of health and illness what do you think? You may think of a virus, a flu, a cold, or friends or relatives suffering from certain health related issues. It could be the many dis-eases that are commonly found in the country. Or perhaps the different establishments that are associated with health including offices and hospitals. Nonetheless, many times our minds will go to the illness rather than the health. We hear about sickness and issues all the time on social platforms including television. We see the commercials about how this drug can help with this issue, the latest product on helping with this problem, or the suffering of people with certain conditions. Not only is the media impressing on us about the illness, but our minds tend to be directed to the negative aspects. This is due to a survival instinct that was helpful in the past but not so much in this day and age. 

So what if we switched our view and let ourselves see life differently. Many times people think about illness as a condition that we get that is due to a chemical imbalance, old age, or that we were made with incorrect “blueprints.” This may be due to the education back then or what we thought of previously. However, new research and evidence is showing otherwise. When learning a new understanding we are able to realize that our health and healing is much more attainable than we thought. Our bodies are amazing at what they do and with the new information available we can realize that we can take action to help ourselves. We can let go of our previous limits and embrace a new understanding of health. 

When the country with the best technology in the world is last when it comes to overall health, it starts to force people to ask why. For many years we have been so focused on the problems that may or may not cause health issues. However, when we switch our focus on our own power and ability to attain health we will start to see a great change. Let’s not figure out why the room is dark but rather flip the switch and let the light shine.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip