December Is Here


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                We sure
had a nice weekend, the weather being favorable, but this morning is cold and
windy. Someone commented last Thursday that it seems like a spring day but the
cold this morning reminds me that were on the other side of the winter
equation. When I feel cold, I just look at the weather where my sister lives in
Minnesota, where it’s -1 this morning, and then I don’t feel so cold ha. I hope
that you had a great weekend and were able to get all your outside chores done
and those last-minute Christmas lights up.

started a new month, so our topic has changed to looking at New Year’s
resolutions and more emphasis on getting away from all the sugary junk that we
eat during the holidays. Our topic for the health shop this week is looking at
the hidden problems with sugar and what it does to the body. If you don’t get
to see it live, it will be on and Rumble eventually. The article
I’m sending along looks at whether we need to worry about this new omicron
variant that they’re blathering on about. Of course, in our world at Natural
Health, we are about getting the body healthy and the immune system strong so
that you don’t have to worry about the 12,000 variants that there supposedly
finding with the SARS Cov-2 virus. Any bets on how many boosters they’re going
to want to promote with all this stuff? I’m starting to see many articles and
videos from around the world where people are figuring out this New World Order
and Great Reset stuff and who’s behind it. I think we’ve all been asleep for
decades hoping everything would just run honestly and aboveboard, like it
should, but forces behind the scenes had been corrupting these governing
bodies. The same track is involved with healthcare in this country where it’s
become more about making money and having insurance rather than doing things
that help the body to be healthy, not only for ourselves, but for our children.
I’m seeing articles that people are really starting to look at the actual
science behind vaccines and what that all entails. It’s not the happy fairytale
that we been told to believe.

Natural Health, we’re here to do what works and use technologies that are good
for the body and not trying to cover up symptoms. We work on underlying causes
and have had great success with many, many patients over the years. 

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Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark