Hi Natural Health Family. I hope everyone is doing well. So we are wrapping up Chiropractic month this October. I think we can all agree that society and the life around us has changed substantially in the last couple of years. It seems like we are in a world where many people are becoming more aware of different aspects in life and how we view health, economics, technology, education, politics, etc. has started to make shifts. It appears that we are resonating more with the understanding that our health is our responsibility and to be informed as much as we can individually. When there are so many difference of opinions and the statistics showing the decline of our health as a nation we have to look at why this could be the case in the first place. We are more powerful than we know and it is up to us to work together to help us realize our own potential for health. 

Have you ever heard “the best defense is a good offense?” Think about the best sports teams in the world if you would or perhaps the strongest empires back in the day. Many of the greatest in most instances had a solid defense. So even if their offense was good or great they would be able to outdo their opponent. So why do I bring this up? Chiropractic focuses on how we can better help the body heal. When the body has a strong healthy defense it is able to adapt to all life throws at it. This is different than attacking the “bugs” or the stress in the environment to keep us doing well. When we have a strong healthy balanced body then it is able to stay healthy. So it comes down to whether or not we want to always be on the alert to attack the issues on the outside or fortify ourselves so that we are able to withstand any storm that we may face in the future.    

It is important to have a strong defense. When we are able to control how we spend our energy then we can keep ourselves healthy. Not spending our energy on things we can’t control but on what we can. Life may not always be smooth sailing, but that doesn’t mean that we have to let it affect us and throw us off our course to our destination. So when the waves become daunting don’t focus on how it may flip your ship but rather how you can stay focused on where you are heading. Be well everyone.

Dr. Chip