Did you know that our brain is hardwired for survival?

 Buenos Dias Natural Health Family! Buenos dias means good day. A little change for everyone. This week’s healthshop topic is hypo/hyperthyroidism which means that the thyroid for whatever reason is not functioning the way it is supposed to be. When we think about our health we can choose to change the way we think about it. In today’s world, we have been accustomed to thinking that we are destined for illness and issues as we get older, that sickness is normal, that people’s symptoms are due to having a certain diagnosis, etc. Today I want to welcome you to explore another option and to see health differently. 

Did you know that our brain is hardwired for survival? This is not a good or bad thing because at times it can be very helpful. Think about a time when you needed to watch your step, know when to stop such as at an intersection on the road, be able to hit the brakes when needed, or not walk over the edge of a cliff, etc. These scenarios can help us see that our brain can be helpful. Our ancestors back then used this mechanism to survive different life-threatening situations such as running from a tiger or surviving through a long winter. However, we don’t want to be in that state all the time because it causes our body to be in a stressful state which depletes our energy for healing, growth, regulation, and cell regeneration. So it is important to be able to change from the state of survival and allow our bodies to self-heal and self-regulate. 

Much of the world has been taught to think in parts and specialties. This can be helpful in certain ways such as building a house, needing a certain emergency surgery, or designing new technology. However, we have carried much of this to the way we see our health. When we change from a parts to a whole system approach we can allow our bodies to heal in a much healthier way. Just like building a house, we need to have a blueprint of the whole building before we start with any of the finer details. In regards to helping our thyroid to heal, when we support our body in a whole way the natural progression would be for the parts such as the thyroid to heal.

We have all gone through many life changes. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, stressful, or scary to change and go about life differently. Nonetheless, we are in a time where we can choose to take our health back into our own hands and realize what is possible for us and our well-being. It’s time for change. Have a great week!

-Dr. Chip