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     Well we got some more rain this weekend and some warmer temperatures. It looks like spring is definitely here to stay and we haven’t even gotten into April Showers for the May flowers. It sure is nice to see things green up and even the trees budding out. Spring is such a great time of year with the promise of new life and growth and all the fun that we have with warmer weather. As you’re getting outside and working in the yard more and starting to sweat more, don’t forget to supplement with good quality sea salt, especially if you notice any leg cramps or tiredness. It’s a very simple but essential substance that gets poo pooed by the mainstream medical  folk. 

     This is the last week of March and we are still talking about diet. This week in our health shop, we’re talking about Diet Essentials. The article I’m sending along looks at the need for manganese and how its absorption gets messed up by chemicals. Just like salt, these minerals are important and essential for Proper function of our bodies. The idea here is that we need to be able to digest and absorb these essential nutrients without being exposed to environmental chemicals and stresses that keep us from using these essential nutrients correctly. That’s something we check with our Nutrition Response Testing technique and find out what nutrients that body needs. We are also very interested in making sure that the digestion and absorption is taking place so the body can utilize these supplements it needs. It’s so important to realize that the innate intelligence of the body can heal the body from almost anything and can handle almost any bug out there. All you have to do is make sure the body has the correct materials to work with and is not blocked by any environmental cause. The body is amazing in its function. It just needs to be treated correctly.

     From me and the staff here at Natural Health , we’re wishing you a Blessed Easter and hope you can be around friends and family and enjoy a great weekend coming up.

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