Diet Month

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation –

      Well that weekend was more like it! It sure was nice to have a sunny weekend with warm temperatures. It was also nice to see if the snow melt away and hopefully we won’t get a lot more, but it’s still pretty early. Looking ahead in the forecast though,, it looks like the temperatures are going to rise. I think we’re all ready to get out of the house and get outside in the sunshine and even play in the yard a little bit. I really like this time of year as it’s all about getting the grass to Green up and enjoying the outdoors after a long cold winter. I’m sure we’ll have some ups and downs for a while but at least we’re headed in the right direction.  

     It’s the beginning of March and we have changed our theme to that of Diet. At our health shop  this week, we will be talking about Digestion Essentials and it should be very interesting. I didn’t find a great article that tied in with  this newsletter but the one I am enclosing looks at using light therapy to help the body in general, which should help with digestion. Light therapy is something folks don’t know much about. At Natural Health, we work with a lot of folks that  have digestion and gut issues. The diet that most people have contributes to a lot of yeast and bacterial overgrowth and lack of proper digestive ability. We have many good products to help patients with that and can mentor them in what foods work best for their body. You can take all the good nutrition in the world and eat all the right foods but if your digestion is off and you don’t break down and absorb the nutrients, it’s all for naught. Digestive problems can start as a  baby who has  colic and if not handled correctly, will work into all kinds of adult digestive issues like GERD and acid reflux, Etc. The digestive system is normally easy to fix if treated correctly because it  replaces itself  so often. There are many parameters that have to be right for it to work correctly and taking a drug like a proton pump inhibitor, ie – the purple pill, just makes the underlying problems worse. Just as a reminder, we do free consultations to help patients figure out what they need and we are here to help. 

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