Diets and Toxins

 Hello everyone in Natural Health Nation –

      What a great weekend! We’re finally getting some really good weather and the grass is greening up. I love this time of year because of the promise of a fresh start with all the vegetation and tree leaves and just life in general. It’s hard to just sit back and savor this time of year because we’re so busy with yard chores and just getting around more, and pretty soon we’re in the middle of a hot summer.  Hopefully you’re able to enjoy it as well and can look forward to getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine. We really need to work on those vitamin D stores after a long winter! 

     We are still in March and talking about diet. The topic for this week’s health shop will be the Gut-Brain connection. This connection has been getting lots of press in the last 10 years or so and it’s so important. At Natural Health, we really work at getting the digestive system working correctly and having patients eat foods that help promote good gut health so that they can think clearly and have energy to handle everyday stresses. If people are eating a lot of empty carb food or foods that contain heavy metals, and chemicals and things like that, you can imagine how the digestive system won’t work very well and this can make people not be able to think very well. I feel that this is one of the big reasons for all the goofiness going on in our society at this time-from years of fluoride and chlorine in the water, from herbicide chemical poisoning, from drug residues and other chemicals in our food and water, and the list goes on and on. It’s important to look at the whole picture of our environment and take into consideration the accumulative effect of all of these influences and the duration of the years we have been subjected to this exposure. I get folks coming into the office wanting to feel better in a very short time but find that they have been subjected to these environmental influences for decades. It’s hard for folks to understand it will take some time to actually clean the chemicals and heavy metals out of the cellular level and get the body to repair itself from all these toxins. The road may be long but worth traveling if you want to attain real and lasting health. We’re here to help at National Health.

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