Digestion Month

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

we are having some good weather and some bad weather and I think that’s normal
for March. The warm days sure are a nice reminder that we will have more of
those coming up. I think the grounds pretty well thawed out and that’s great
for getting the ground to settle down and hopefully greening up in a while. Now
we can start talking about spring allergies-ha. We used to have a magnolia tree
in front of the Payson office and I hope they do well this year because they
are so pretty. The problem is they bud out early and usually get froze off. I
guess we’ll see what the weather brings us.

month of March brings us a new topic in our discussions for our health classes
and this month we talking about Diet. This week were talking about Digestion Essentials,
which is a big part of the work we do here at Natural Health. I’ll bet 80 to
90% of patients we see have digestion complaints. Anyone on a PPI has had
digestion problems for years, and this medication will only make the problem
worse. Again, at Natural Health, we are working on underlying causes of the
problem and not covering symptoms up with medication. Medication is important
for emergencies but not for long term health. It should only be used for
short-term and the underlying cause of the problem should be investigated, as
we do here at Natural Health.

article that I’m sending along looks at how farm raised salmon, while tasting
good and is promoted as a health type food, can have all kind of hidden
problems. There are many of these kinds of things in processed foods or
confinement grown foods, so the wise consumer must be wary. We try to get our
patients to buy organic and wild caught or deep-water seafood but sometimes
it’s hard to find and is more expensive. With the food inflation that were
seeing, it’s important to get the healthiest food we can get as inexpensively
as possible. It may be also time to look at growing your own food or at least
finding out how to do it if things get worse. We are gathering more information
about this here at Natural Health to share with our patients, as it may become
essential. Pray for peace and don’t listen to mainstream media. We have a list
of independent media sources that are not carrying a narrative available for
those who are interested. And, don’t forget about our 40th
anniversary coming up on March 15. Will be celebrating that whole week with
specials and taste testing’s and just having a good old time. 

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