Digestion: More To The Story

Good day, Natural Health Family. Did you get to enjoy the weekend, maybe take a little time off or just relax outside somewhere for a while? We were blessed with some great weather. This month we are talking more about digestive health! How exciting?! Well maybe not that thrilling, but it’s good to stay on top of it so that we can have healthy digestion and be able to do the things we enjoy. So get the metaphorical silverware ready, it’s time to dig in.

In today’s world, it seems like digestive issues are normal. However, they are not normal but common. You probably have heard many digestive issue names such as IBS. Now, you can see that IBS stands for irritable bowel syndrome. All this means is that your body is expressing a group of symptoms related to having a bowel that is irritated. Does that make sense? But, do they say how that happened in the first place, or how to heal and get back to healthy digestion? Not really. Many have been led to think that the reason why they have digestion issues is because their body is broken and they need chemicals for their body to be able to help with the issue they may be experiencing. Not only is this not healing the issue that allows the gut to work properly, but it alters the way the body processes foods which can lead to other “side effects.” Healthy digestion is a natural effect when a person’s body is balanced.

Sometimes when we can see that what we are doing collectively is not working, especially for the health of many, we can start to question if there are other means. What we have learned to be “alternative” forms of healthcare have been around much longer than mainstream medicine. Let’s reconnect to our bodies, to our health, and to the power that we have never lost but only been misguided to believe otherwise so that we can live healthier and happier lives.