Do you feel tired and worn out?

I hope that you had a great weekend even though it’s still winter. It looks like we’re in for a

warming trend if we can get past the ice and get the snow melted off. There are signs that Spring is

coming as we’re noticing the days are getting longer and hopefully were out of the deep freeze. We still

have to get through February and even March, that sometimes has bad weather. But eventually we will

have Spring and enjoy the green grass again. 

Don’t forget to keep your vitamin D levels up and we have a great product for that called Cataplex D. We also carry Cod Liver Oil which has vitamin D in it as well.

We always try to use natural products that have all the co-factors needed for digestion and absorption

rather than work on mega doses of synthetic vitamins. It’s much healthier that way.

In our health shops this month, we are talking about Weight and Health. This week we’re

talking about Adrenal Fatigue, which almost everyone has, and it becomes worse after the holidays.

When the adrenals don’t function correctly, and energetically, you feel tired and worn out and

metabolism suffers which allows for more weight gain and/or not being able to lose weight. At Natural

Health, we work towards getting the body healthy so that weight comes off naturally and stays off,

rather than the up and down approach of diets. We are doing these health shops at 6:15 on Monday

nights live on Facebook and Instagram, and then posting the recorded video on and

YouTube. We really enjoy doing our health shops as it gives us an opportunity to educate patients on

simple health information that anyone can use and that has been time tested to work every time. Hope

to see you there.

The article I’m sending along today looks at using probiotics to help with skin and hair. It’s

important to realize that probiotics help with a lot more than that, but this is what the research article

focused on. We see so many patients with gut problems and the mainstream medical approach is to

treat symptoms rather than look at underlying causes. A good example would be the use of proton

pump inhibitors to stop gastric reflux. The medication does help with the symptom, but makes the

underlying problem worse and lends the patient towards long-term problems, like osteoporosis. As you

may or may not know, drug companies do not test their medications for long periods of time but just a

short trial to show some type of effectiveness and safety. It’s the practitioners that get to see the long-

term effects of using a medication to cover up symptoms and not handle the underlying problems. That

is why this country has such a problem with degenerative disease like diabetes, heart disease, and

cancer. Let’s help change the Health Care paradigm of this country by working on the underlying cause

of problems and just get healthy. Click here to read article.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark