Do You Have April Allergies?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

Sunday a beautiful day? It was still a little windy but it sure was nice to
have the warm temperatures and sunshine. It looks like were headed that way,
towards actual spring and the nice temperatures. Probably have some wind and
rain to deal with but that is part of spring. I always enjoyed a good
thunderstorm and thought it was fun to watch the lightning and listen to the
thunder and count and see how far away the lightning is. So much better than
boring snowstorms!

month in our health shop, we will be talking about spring allergies and staying
ahead of those. The health shop, of course, will be on the fourth Monday of the
month. The first and third Mondays are our patient education workshops that
anyone is welcome to come to but please call the office and make a reservation
so that we know how many goodie bags to make. In the patient education
workshops, I explain what we do here at the office with our nutrition response testing
and how it works. It’s also an opportunity for me to answer questions that
folks have that I don’t have time for during office hours. I found it
interesting in our last health shop that we were talking about diet and somehow
Facebook didn’t like what we said so we got shut off. I didn’t think there is
anything controversial there but somebody thought so. What is this world
actually coming to?

article I’m sending along this week is talking about the gut micro biome. In
case you didn’t know, there are millions of bacteria and yeast cells in your
gut that help with digestion, if it is healthy. We work towards getting
people’s gut micro biome healthy here at Natural Health, by supplementing the
good bacteria and good yeast and working on keeping the pH correct. This ties
into our hydration reflex and it’s amazing how just by getting the hydration
correct and the pH balanced, so many health issues go away and stay away. It’s
important to realize that digestion and absorption of nutrients from your food is
just as important as the food itself. This is also why the health of this
nation is not very good because of all the refined carbs that people eat in our
society and the holidays seems to run on. A good example of this is Easter
coming up and that you have to have chocolate bunnies and chocolate Easter eggs
and loads of junk food because it’s a holiday. Another bad part of this holiday
experience is that kids grow up eating all this junk food during holidays and
expect it to continue on, even when they are diagnosed as prediabetic or
diabetic and then the heart issue start and other things. Our bodies were never
meant to have refined sugar or refined flour, it’s just a common sense thing.

I hope that you and yours have a great Easter weekend and remember why it’s
there. Try to hold down on the refined carbs as much as possible, and if you
have problems the following week, let us know and we’ll get you figured out. 

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Dr. Mark