Natural Health Family! We will be continuing our journey of post on different degrees of emotions and why it is important to know them. The two we will talk about today are greed and kindness. 

Greed is an excessive desire for power, wealth, prestige, security, or any personal satisfaction or gratification. Many people tend to fall in the trap of wanting to gain more of something the easiest and shortest way possible. This has led many to be entangled in greed because they wanted that quick gratification. It is nice to receive things in a nice quick manner at times but should not be the basis of how we acquire things in life. Just like the people that win massive amounts of money all of a sudden only to find themselves quickly bankrupt or worse than they were before. When we fail to understand that many great things in life such as the arts, inventions, music, skills, technology or other amazing things we have experienced in life came from persistence and a willingness to master a craft. The mastery can only come with continued experience which helps us realize what we are truly capable of. Many people who have been tied into greed unknowingly search only for what they will get out of something rather than what they can contribute to the world. We have been taught to think in a competitive nature and where competition goes greed follows. We then forget that all of nature works not through competition but through cooperation. All the plants, animals and other forms of life live in harmony through cooperation. When we realize that we are connected not just through a related species aspect but by energy, we thus understand that giving ultimately leads to getting. When we hold onto things in our lives we inevitably hold onto energy that needs to be released. If we don’t release our energy or give our energy to others in a positive way, we deplete our energy and may thus become ill. 

When we shake the chains of greed we are able to express kindness more effectively. Kindness expresses itself in all people at one time or another. When we understand that we all may struggle to rid ourselves of greed or the ability to control it then we are able to think in the other person’s shoes and know what they are going through. When we see other’s accomplishments or successes as our own successes then we become less greedy of what other people have. When we experience situations that could be considered cruel or lending towards a negative quality and react with negative forces we then bring ourselves down to that level. When faced with these situations we should stop and think before allowing ourselves so easily to give so much of our energy to whatever it is that caused us to react. We either can see the source or why the situation is occurring and ignore it or we can respond calmly to neutralize the situation. When we react with negativity we are taking the easy way out. However, when we respond with kindness we are then helping the other person or people to see their own ignorance or wrong doing. It is through kindness that our cup overflows so that we are able to give more of our energy to others and get more energy in return. 

Everyone wants something in life and at times may have a tendency to be greedy. However, we may come to realize that practicing kindness helps others to see another way and to allow them to take that road as well. When we turn our focus from what we can get to what we can give we will come to recognize how connected we really are and the abundance of energy we get when we give to others. Thanks for reading!