Emotions and Health

Hello Natural Health Family. I wanted to talk more about how emotions can play a big role in our health. We tend to think about many illnesses and injuries due to physical or chemical issues. However, our bodies can be affected a great deal by our thoughts and emotions. Today we are going to talk specifically about the emotion of anger. 

When most people think about anger they think about rage and outburst of hate. However, anger can be subtle and has many lesser forms like irritation and/or frustration. Many people hold in this emotion and can bring issues in the body. When we get angry or upset, our bodies undergo many physiological processes that stop our bodies own abilities to self heal and self regulate. This means that we can’t heal physical issues and can’t perform many of our unconscious processes like digestion, breathing, heart rate and others in an effective manner. Over time this leads to chronic illnesses which many people suffer around the world, the United States having the highest percentages of chronic illness. 

If we think in more of a quantum perspective, viewing the world and life in an energetic perspective, we can see that we should consider how we are using our energy. So why are emotions important? Emotions in a quantum sense are quite simply energy in motion. So if there is something that a person is mad about, he or she is diverting energy away from themselves for something outside. However, when we are not aware of how we use this emotion in our daily lives, then we may be wasting much of our energy which could be used for health and healing. 

So what is there to do to combat the force of anger in our lives? Have you heard of the phrase, patience is a virtue? When we are patient with others, then we are able to resist the urge to get angry with others. This helps conserve our energy so that we can use it for more productive means. With more practice of patience with ourselves and others, we start seeing not only how we react to different people but also are more aware of our own inner talk within ourselves. 

Especially in these times of extremes, it can be very helpful to practice patience. When you make it a regular practice, it can help you to respond to things or events in life rather than overly reacting. Stay calm, be patient and have a great week!