Welcome back Natural Health Family! I Imagine everyone had a great weekend spent with good company. As we dive more into the heart of summer, it is important to practice the fundamentals regarding our health. This week’s topic is fatigue, so let’s make some waves and explore how we can all use a bit more energy. 

Our energy and how we utilize it throughout our life is key to helping us stay healthy throughout the year, especially in the summer. Many people have different ways to interpret energy, but let’s make it more direct in how we feel during our daily activities. Going back to the basics, we would have to conclude that staying hydrated and having good nutrition is important for our bodies to have good energy. I would guess that we are all aware of how certain foods can play a factor in energy dips when it comes to high-sugar or carb-filled foods. Of course, everyone is different so it may not affect them as much. However, it’s safe to say that having lower-sugar foods most of the time can keep our blood sugar stable to promote balanced energy during the day. With that being said, there are other factors at play like our body’s ability to adapt to stress. I have mentioned before that stress is not good or bad, but actually could be seen as essential in our lives. Therefore, when we are balanced and able to adapt to overcome the stress we grow more resilient which allows our energy levels to remain stable so that we can endure more of what life may bring. 

As the world starts to change from seeing ourselves as victims to an inevitable outcome of sickness to knowing what health is we will see great advancements in the world. Energy is a good indicator and marker that we can use to see if we need to make changes in our own lives so that we can experience life more and feel more alive. I encourage you to switch it up this week and do something fun that fills you with energy, that brings you joy. Thanks for reading.