Energy 2020

            Well we survived the holidays and
are well into 2020. I hope that your holiday time was restful and got you ready
for the new year. We’re looking forward to a great year as we have many great
ways to help patients be healthier and work towards getting away from
unnecessary medications and medical debt. I’m surprised and grateful that the
weather has been fairly nice for January, hopefully the trend continues. We’ve
joked about not having a white Christmas but having a white Halloween

            As were into a new month and new
year, our topic for the month has changed to looking at Energy. We get our
energy from 2 sources in our diet, sugars and fats. Yes the body can run on
sugars but the processed sugars that are so rampant during the holidays, are
absorbed so quickly the body must do something with them and turns them into
fat stored in the layers of the skin or around organs. Good quality fats are a much
better energy source and are used more slowly and digested more slowly so the
body has better control of how their processed. These good fats have the oil
soluble vitamins that come along with them and we all need them, especially
during the winter. This includes vitamins A, D , E, and K. The medical folks
are constantly talking about a lack of vitamin D 3, but these good fats have
all of the D vitamins in them. The biggest problem people have that have been
eating a SAD (standard American diet), is that they have problems digesting
fats and proteins. We look especially towards this problem in our Nutrition
Response Testing technique.

            Another part of getting your body to
have good energy is exercise. I’m not talking about having to run to the gym
all the time but just good old walking. The article I’ve enclosed looks at the
benefits of walking and we talk to our patients about this often. It’s a little
hard to walk outside so treadmills are fairly reasonably priced and don’t take
up much space in the house, but if you bundle up, you can walk outside even if
it’s cold. And start slowly and build up gradually to walking 30 to 45 minutes
per day.

            At Natural Health, were hoping
you’re off to a great start in the new year and were here to help with any
health problems you are yours may have. 
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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark