Welcome back Natural Health Family! It’s time to have more energy! Everyone could use more energy throughout the day. Did you have a great weekend with fireworks and mosquito bites? Just like fireworks that you wait all night for the big bang of that light show, life can happen in explosive moments. However, we don’t want a life where we swing back and forth so much with our energy. We want to have more stability to enjoy life wherever we are or whatever phase of life we are at. Health is our currency and energy helps make the most of it. 

When you think of the word energy, what do you think of? Is it the theory of the Big Bang? Is it the enormous energy of the sun shining on the earth? Is it reaching for an energy drink or perhaps a cup of coffee? Is it listening to a great speech and being motivated to take action? How about the excitement of going on vacation or starting a new adventure? Or do you think of kids being able to run all day? Whatever it is, the common denominator is that life is full of it. We know that where there is more energy, life appears to flow with more ease. We know that when we have more energy, we feel better and can perform the tasks we want or need to do. Many people have been taught that as we grow older our energy drains, that it is normal that we feel more tired and run down the more years that we spend on Earth. We have been told certain ways health is achieved or that we are like machines destined to break down and fall apart. This model, however, is outdated and needs to be updated. Just like a computer that runs slow when it is not restarted or updated for long periods, we too need to change the way we go about health. Instead of being victims of a genetic destiny, we can realize more of the power within ourselves. To not go against the old model but to embrace a new understanding. To see the whole person rather than the parts that we think need to be fixed or removed. Our bodies are amazing, and the intelligence and wisdom they carry are remarkable. When we respect it and acknowledge our own capability to heal and be well, we bring forth a new paradigm. 

Having good healthy balanced energy throughout the day is a normal state that we all can live in. When our energy is off, it is only telling us that we can readjust and get back on track. Rather than focus on our inability, let’s see more of how we can be well and move the mountains needed for this change even if that mountain takes one stone at a time. Have a great week!