Enjoy The Show

 Hi Natural Health Family! Imagine everyone enjoyed their weekend with some great weather. Did you have a win from last week? Could be something small or a big accomplishment. Whatever it was, I hope it brought you joy in some way. Sometimes life can seem strugglesome, difficult, and overwhelming. We have the ability to reframe the way we see life. Let’s talk about our ability to respond to the way we see the world around us. 

Have you ever been watching a tv show or movie and thought “wow there really isn’t anything going on in the show, there are no ups and downs, no twists and turns, it just seems so bland and boring.” Maybe you have thought of that but I would guess that you probably didn’t. The movie with the director, producer, and actors is meant to grab your attention. The director wanted to captivate the audience, of course to sell more movies, but also for the people watching to get lost in the experience of watching the movie. If the movie is really good we almost forget we may be sitting in the movie theater or in our living room. This is a metaphor, but life can be the same way sometimes. We know just like the movie that it will have its ups and downs, that the character in the movie will make choices that dictate the path of the movie. We enjoy the movie, however, it is because it moves us in many ways. So even the high points of the movie must come with the low points. That is the reason the movie is good. So when we think about all the things we may have been through in life we can see that we can be grateful not for just the amazing occurrences that happen in our life but even the hardships, the downs, the “mistakes” because it may have led us to something greater. 

We have the ability to see things in a new light. We get to choose as we learn more about the way we want to go. One person can see one thing as a problem and another person can see the same thing as a challenge. There is a saying, “life can happen to you or it can happen for you.” We can decide which one to take and make the most of it.

Have a great rest of your week!

Dr. Chip