Hello Natural Health family! We are getting closer to Christmas day. Although it may likely be different than previous years, it is still a time to cherish with family and loved ones. We may tend to think about what others have or where we are at in life during these times. I would like to discuss something I learned that helped me see things through a different lens. We will discuss two different topics for today, which are important for health, envy and noninterference. 

We may think of envy as wanting something that somebody else has. I would  agree with that statement. However, there is more to the story. We are human and have some envy in us at times. Whenever we feel lack, suffering, or not enough, etc we feel envy. Envy is not entirely a bad feeling because it gives us direction towards a brighter way. However, when we indulge in the feeling of being superior to others then we are practicing envy. Envy prevents us from taking the time to understand others when communicating. It keeps us in a state where we depreciate others goals and accomplishments because we don’t want them to succeed. When envious we feel the need to point out other peoples’ mistakes or flaws so we don’t feel inferior and see our own. When we change from magnifying others’ problems to feeling good and celebrating others victories, then we allow ourselves to see that within ourselves. We stop comparing ourselves to others and start acknowledging our own small wins. 

Noninterference you may think is the opposite of envy. The phrase “mind your own business” sums this topic up well. Many times we have thoughts about others and what we think they should do or not do. Our thoughts may keep being entangled in other peoples’ problems and conflicts. This constant thought pattern causes our brain to act like a parasite on our body. This drains much of the energy needed for our bodies to be healthy. Everyone has different things that they are working on and we can never see it from their perspective. So when others come up in our thoughts or conversations with others, we need to be aware of what we are thinking and saying. Continual criticism of others again drains our energy. Whenever, we have thoughts or words of criticism or gossip we must analyze our own selves. When we choose to focus more on ourselves and let go of other people’s issues, then we have a clearer mind for our own lives. 

During this holiday season it is important to connect with others and to appreciate their accomplishments. This is a time for celebration and when we are able to celebrate others wins we find more of it in our own lives. May your holiday season be blessed. Thanks for reading.

– Dr. Chip