Ever Thought Emotions Can Affect Your Heart?

Hey everyone, how did January go? Are your New Year’s Resolutions still riding strong? If not, it’s because you haven’t made it a habit within your mind to be second nature for you yet. Just like tying your shoes is now second nature. Doesn’t mean you just give up, it means if you want change in your life you have to stick with it. Quite simple, but one of the hardest things we have to do in our lives if we want to live the life of our dreams. Discipline. It’s just how it works and it’s the reason why the sick stay sick and the healthy stay healthy. Healthy people are BEING Healthy and sick people are BEING sick. It all comes down to who we are BEING, especially when it comes to the heart. If you are the ones that would like positive change towards health in your life, I can coach you.

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Anywaysssssss…. But really though. Did you ever think your emotions have any affect on your Heart? When I was focusing on just the nutritional and physical aspects of life, I had no idea that emotions had any affect on my health at all. Well with the research and the personal success that I have been aware of for the last 5ish years, looking at emotions has dramatically changed my life to a more peaceful, joyful and loving. You can achieve the same as well in your life. The way that I look at the heart is by looking at the fundamental structure of the heart. Which is the cell. 

The cell is remarkable and when everyone understands how to approach the health of the cell, disease within all of us will vanish.  Revolutionizing new research is coming out by cellular biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton. He says that dis-ease is 95-99% epigenetic. What in the world is Epigenetics? Let’s talk a little about genetics first. Genetics is what we inherit from our parents, everyone knows a little about that. For the longest time until Dr. Bruce, we all believed that we are destined by our genes and we couldn’t do anything about it. For instance, if my grandfather had heart issues, and if my father has heart issues, and that means I will have heart issues. That is only a story that we have been telling ourselves and our cells are always listening. I’m not destined by my genes, I am destined by the story that I keep telling myself. If I want to be healthy, I’m telling my heart that it is strong, relaxed, coherent and healthy so I will not have heart issues. Genetics is NOT the cause of the dis-ease in your body. That is just a story you’re telling your cells. It’s epigenetics. 

Epigenetics comes in, which is 95-99% of all disease, when we use thoughts and emotions towards OURSELVES and others. This will produce a downregulation to our genes, meaning dis-ease. Negative emotions or the negative perception we have towards things in our lives will down regulate the proteins of our genes and cause dis-ease to the heart. Like self hatred that we should have been a better person and should have done something different in the past. The guilt that we give ourselves when we do something “wrong”. Shaming ourselves over and over again. I have been in your shoes before with all of these emotions beating me down throughout the whole day. Now I don’t have those emotions conditioned in my mind meaning that I don’t have those emotions coming back giving me a “hard time”. I am now achieving more and more peace of mind and the body follows with health. Everyone has the same potential to relieve all the negativity in their life to become much healthier. So what did I do to upregulate the genes within my heart and body. 

Well I stop telling my cells in my heart and body that I have dis-ease in them! I’m telling them that it’s healthy and vital! I’m not bringing back and labeling any body part in my body in a negative way that will continue to create dis-ease. I am BEING the person as if I already have Perfect Heart Health. Perfect Health throughout my whole body! This will upregulate the genes and create no dis-ease in the body. To help with the process, I recommend using positive emotions. This creates an upregulation of genes causing coherence and balance to the heart. Amazing research by HeartMath Institute is finding that when we use emotions like Love, Appreciation, Gratitude, Caring will cause more coherence within the heart beats. As the negative emotions I have talked about above will create the heart to be incoherent. 

The big kicker to emotions and this is where people fail to continue to use positive emotions, but you have to make it a HABIT. When you continue to Love YOURSELF and Appreciate YOURSELF for who YOU are, the cells in your heart will normalize. Caring for yourself and your own needs will do wonders. I find that many people care for others and tend to not provide care and love for themselves. You can only do good for others if you are good. When you find yourself complaining or have dis-ease in your body, change it, love it, embody the feeling as if you don’t have it in your body. You will train your mind by habit and your body will follow! Keep working on it and DO NOT STOP until it shows up in your present moment. 

Love you all,

Coach Ed.