Exercise and Breathing

            Another weekend of bad weather,
seems to be becoming a habit. I hope that everyone survived the ice without
slips and falls. If you did though, come in to the office to be aligned
correctly so that the problem doesn’t develop into worse issues this spring,
when you really want to be outside and enjoying life. We see this very often in
every year, when people fall in January or February and then come in to the
office in April or May with big problems and pain. It can take several months
for these misalignments to work into swelling and weakness. Get checked soon,
even if you haven’t fell!
            January is moving right along and we
are already into the 3rd week. Don’t forget to listen to our health
shop tonight at 6. Will we will be talking about exercise and breathing. I’ve
included an article that talks about doing Burpees as an easy exercise to shape
up with. We also have patients just try to walk every day or every other day to
simply keep them moving. Many people start out with big ideas on exercise at
the beginning of the year but the ambition tapers off after a couple of months.
That’s understandable with the increased activities of spring. It’s just good
to get into a simple exercise habit that you can do all year round. And you
don’t have to overdo it, like run marathons, but just stay active and moving.

            We have several great tools now to
check patients on their health status. Our heart rate variability test gives us
a good understanding of the autonomic nervous system and how it is working. We
also have the heart sound recorder which can check the condition of the heart
itself by listening to the valves work. We are also bringing online some new
testing equipment in our exam room to further evaluate our patient’s conditions
and improvements with our 3 types of treatment,
chiropractic-nutrition-emotional. As you can imagine, we are having great
success with helping patients be healthy and happy and at optimum, not just
pain free, but truly healthy. We want so much to help you and yours stay out of
the medical paradigm of drugs and surgery and high expense. 

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We are here to help
you Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well.

-Dr. Mark