Exploring the Impact of Leaky Gut on Spring Allergies

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

I hope that everyone enjoyed their weekend.  It’s nice to have warmer weather and things are really greening up now.  We’re noticing people having some spring allergy symptoms, like dry eyes and coughing.  This can come from being dehydrated and not being able to remove the dust and pollen that’s in the air from the eye or lungs.  It’s been warm enough, too, that were actually starting to sweat a bit and that’s great for detox but we need to have hydration present so that other systems don’t have problems.  Don’t forget that hydration is not only drinking water but use of electrolytes as well, like sea salt or mineral salts.  We’re starting to use more of our product called Cal-amo, which is our calcium salt pill and really helps with hydration.  You can tell that you need more if you’re starting to develop leg cramps and shin splints, especially at night.

Remember that were always having our health shops on Monday night at 6:15 live on Instagram and Facebook and then posting it to you Youtube and Brighteon.com.  This month were talking about Spring Allergies and this week we’re talking about Leaky Gut.  We always give great information out and try to keep it simple so that it’s easy to understand and have practical solutions.  Almost everyone that comes into our office has a leaky gut, and this lends towards Food allergies and/or sensitivities.  If you’re constantly reacting to what you’re eating, then there’s tons of inflammation throughout the body and can cause all kinds of problems.  We usually find this condition when we’re checking for blocking and switching in our nutrition work.  Blocking and switching are problems with the nervous system and so the body can’t heal itself because of these barriers.  With our Nutrition Response Testing technique, we can find what barriers are there and get them removed so that the body can heal itself.  People that have constant symptoms are stuck in a situation where the body cannot heal itself.  Taking medication to cover up the symptom only makes the underlying condition worse.

The article than I’m sending along today looks at how Ashwaganda, a great herb for healing, can help with cognitive learning.  We have that herb here at Natural Health, plus the nutritional supplements to go along with it.  People have used herbs for thousands of years and they work very well if the patient has a good nutritional foundation.  If they don’t, the herbs don’t work like people think and they poo-poo them.  It’s something that people don’t realize but herbs and food supplements always work, it’s the user’s bodies that’s not able to utilize them correctly.  This theme goes along with the previous paragraph about blocking and switching.  At Natural Health, we’re working with the body to help it to heal correctly and the patient can then have true natural health.  Otherwise, the symptoms persist and then are covered up with medications.  We work towards the goal of getting the body healthy and not being on all the drugs to handle symptoms.  This is a different kind of health paradigm than mainstream medicine, in that they really only look at symptoms and never check for the underlying cause. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark