Fall Allergies

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

beautiful weekend but we missed some rain chances. Our area sure is dry and
dusty and I hope we get some rain soon to wash the pollen out of the air and
settle the dust. The fall flowers, or weeds, are in bloom along with the corn
pollinating and the beans soon, so there is lots of pollen out there to
irritate the eyes and sinuses. We have some great supplements here at the
office to help with drainage and in helping the body to clear these irritants.
I kind of hate to wish for rain too much because once it starts, it seems to
have a hard time shutting back off.

                In our
health shops this month were talking about Back to School topics and this week
were talking about Kids Foods and Moods. We talked in earlier health shops this
month about how food is so important for kids to be able to learn correctly
this definitely affects their mood as well. Again, as we present our health
shop this week, much of the information will be general and everyone will get
some good information from it, besides just the parents of school aged kids. We
will present our health shop live at 6:15 on Instagram and Facebook and then
eventually post it to Brighteon.com and Facebook. It’s all good information
that will help anyone who watches it be healthier as we strive to work towards
a more naturally healthy world and stay away from all the medications, if

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the importance of gratitude
in your daily thought processes. It’s very easy to get caught up in all the
things that don’t go right, but in this country especially, we should all be
very thankful for what we have and how were doing. I don’t want to get into
politics, but it seems were losing some of our freedoms and hopefully, folks
will wake up to this peril and realize how good we’ve had it in this country
for decades. Our health can suffer if we are constantly “down in the dumps” or
worried about all kinds of problems. Instead of focusing on that, we should try
to focus on the things that are positive in our life and be thankful for those
things and for the people we come across that even just smile at us. I know
that I am very grateful for being able to help patients find true health and
get them off of medications that are making them have side effect symptoms of
one form or another. I am very grateful to have found the knowledge to be able
to help our patients over four decades of practice and learning. 

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Get Healthy,
Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark