Fall Allergy Season

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beautiful weekend and we got some more rain. Hopefully it’s enough to bring the
grass back and green up things again. Even though it’s a little cooler in the
morning, I’m not really ready for Fall and what comes afterwards. I’m starting
to have more people complain of sinus and allergy symptoms that I think is due
to some of the harvest activity kicking up a lot of dust into the air. Don’t
forget that we have great products to help the liver drain and keep the
lymphatic system cleaned out so that folks don’t have these symptoms. I always
try to remind people about hydration issues too, because normally Fall is a
little drier and everything is already dry. Also don’t forget that hydration
includes good quality water and electrolytes, meaning sea salt or mineral salt
or our product called Cal-amo.

                Our Health
Shop this month is looking at the major disease processes going on in this
country and this week were talking about cancer. Cancer has become a big
business in the medical world, which is unfortunate, but with all the money
rolling in, they feel there is no need to look for the cause, just look for new
ways to treat the condition. At Natural Health, we are always looking for the underlying
cause of the problem, and if we can, prevent it. Cancer is just a condition of
the immune system going awry as there are cancer cells in our bodies all the
time, but the immune system picks them up and gets rid of them if it’s working
correctly. This is one reason why medical doctors are seeing a good-sized
increase in cancer patients from those that have gotten the Covid jab. The jab
seems to affect the immune system and weaken it and so the cancer cells that
are already there really take off and give their hosts big problems. The old
adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been truer

article that I’m sending along looks at the need for vitamin K 2 to help the
cardiovascular system. Now I know that people who read that article are going
to want to rush out and grab bottles of synthetic K2 and think they are really
doing something. This vitamin is important to be sure, but it’s not the only
nutrient that helps with the cardiovascular system. And besides that, we need
to look at the reason why they have cardiovascular issues in the first place as
much as trying to find a treatment that works. We also need to get away from
the ideal that one treatment works for one condition and then another treatment
for another condition and so on. That’s one of the reasons I see patients come
in here on 10, 12, 15 or more medications. Firstly, they haven’t fixed the
problem, and secondly, the side effects from the synthetic medications that
were never supposed to be used in the body, cause the medics to put them on
another medication for another symptom or condition. I know that what insurance
pays for but it’s not healthcare, is disease management. 

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