Fear and Health


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

for all those who like snow, you had a great weekend. It sure was pretty seeing
the snow hanging on the branches and covering everything. It was an easy to
move snow as it was a little wet and cleaned off the streets and sidewalks
nicely. Looks like it may be gone soon though as the temperature rises towards
the middle of the week. Just remember if you’re out scooping a lot and get hot
and then cold, that’s hard on the immune system. We’re using a lot of our
products called Congaplex to support the white blood cells of the immune system
and Antronex to help with sinus drainage.

article that I’m including today looks at how to overcome the addiction to fear
which is what many are going through this past year and ½ or so. I’ve seen a
couple doctors look at this as mass psychosis and the mainstream media just
keeps pushing it. The saying that I use to counteract this is-Don’t Worry, Be
Healthy. At Natural Health, we look at getting the body healthy and keeping it
there to handle whatever else they throw at us. My sons and I were thinking
about all the movies that we’ve seen over time on viruses that were built to be
very lethal and all the problems associated with that but it was always amazing
there was a subset of people who survived because they had immunity to it. This
is something that is not addressed in our healthcare in this country-natural
immunity. We can’t even get an excuse for the jab if you’ve already had the
virus as they don’t believe in natural immunity. Other countries do but not
this one with the medical tyranny that were suffering under. Natural immunity
is by far better than anything from a needle or a pill and were seeing the
fruits of that now as even the powers that be know that this jab program is not
working. Instead of focusing on that, we should have been focusing on things
that help the immune system to strengthen and getting away from the junk in the
diets so that the body can heal itself. It’s all really fairly simple but it
doesn’t make lots of money for the bigwigs that are behind this stuff. I’m
trying not to get too political, but the way this “plandemic” has been handled,
and the number of fatalities and injuries caused by it, are atrocious. I hope
that you are taking notice of the information coming out now regarding all the
players that promoted all this stuff. It’s time to look beyond this and get our
country back to being healthy and moral. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

Dr. Mark