Fear Not

Welcome back Natural Health Family. February is still heart month for us at Natural Health. Heart health is an important topic because we can see that heart dis-ease is responsible for the most deaths in this Nation. Let’s talk about how we can flip this around so that we can help our hearts stay strong and healthy.

Have you ever had to do something that might have scared you or maybe you thought it was impossible for you to do? Maybe it was a certain activity like free falling out of a plane, giving a speech, being the leader of a group, or just telling someone how you feel about a certain circumstance? When you look back I’m sure you have had an experience like this likely more than once. Many times we are quick to forget how powerful and courageous we can be. We can get caught in being comfortable in the fear of not doing something or experiencing new possibilities. Imagine if many of the people who have created many helpful inventions, started positive movements, led people to work together, etc. were too frightened to do so. Where would we be in the here and now? It was the faith and courage of these people that made the world a greater place to live.

The fear of how things will work or what’s going on in the world can be a limiting factor in how we can have more joy, more appreciation, more fun in life. However, many times fear can seem overwhelming but really can be nothing more than a thought. Practicing more joy in our lives not only helps us feel more alive but also is good for our hearts. Appreciate you taking the time to read this and have a great week!

Dr. Chip