Feels Like Summer is Here


Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

we’ve got summer now! When it gets hot like this and the humidity is so high,
we really start to remind our patients about the need for hydration, and not
only water but electrolytes, which is a fancy name for salt. And of course,
were talking about mineral salt or sea salt, not the junk white salt that’s
processed and has lost all its minerals. It’s so amazing that something as
simple as drinking water and consuming sea salt, or our product Cal-Amo, can
keep you away from all types of problems in the summer related to the heat. We
go through a lot of this product all year, but especially during the summer. It
really helps with the feeling of being worn out, and with leg cramps or muscle

                We were
in California last week so did not have a health shop Monday night. We will get
back on regular schedules next week. And don’t forget that we’ve moved the
start time for our health shops to 6: 15, so that we can be done with patients
and be on time for folks who want to tune in. This month is about Men’s Health,
but as usual, our health shops will have general information in them for
everyone to enjoy.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the need for certain
nutrients to help people get good sleep. This is another principle that is so
important but so simple-the need for good sleep, so that the body has the time
and energy to repair itself. At Natural Health, we find that most people need B
vitamins to help with sleep, especially the ones that help the parasympathetic
nervous system, or the rest and relax and rebuild nervous system. If you just
take medication to force the body into a type of passed out slumber, you’re not
getting the good healing processes working, and of course the medication is
just making the problem worse. Many medications remove certain nutrients from
the body and so not only have side effects, but are detrimental to health
because of this nutrient depleting problem. Plus, the patient is never figuring
out the underlying cause of the problem. At Natural Health, we look at the
underlying causes of why a person has a certain symptom complex, get that
address and then the symptom complex magically goes away. Medications are
important for short-term lifesaving needs but then you need to figure out the
cause and get off the medication as soon as possible. We are here to help with that
at Natural Health. 

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

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Dr. Mark