Natural Health Family, how are you all doing today? Over the weekend I did quite a bit of traveling. I traveled around Illinois driving a good amount of hours. When driving I started to realize or perhaps remember something about how our minds tend to work. Today let’s talk about our focus and why it is important for our health and in our lives. 

Our brains are quite amazing tools to help us navigate the world around us. The human brain can be compared to a supercomputer that is continuously processing data coming in and going out from our outside environment. Some even say that we know more about space (filled with billions of stars and how ever many galaxies) than we know about our brain. This is difficult to wrap our brains around haha. The brain is an amazing machine, however it is up to us to be able to control how it functions. By dictating what our mind focuses on we are more in control of what we start to see in life. 

While driving or traveling sometimes we may be on the lookout for the obstacles or issues that could be on the path. Driving, for instance, when we may have the idea of looking for potholes, animals, or objects on the road that could lead to issues. Of course it is good to be aware of these things so that we can avoid them at the correct time. For many years now that is how our brains are wired to perform. The brain looks for things familiar or ways that keep us safe and secure. This was a great survival mechanism so that we could live long enough to keep humanity growing and evolving. The brain is great at what it does but sometimes when it is too rigid in it’s thought process it is not able to clearly see the end goal or destination. 

 Have you ever been at a place with a crowd of people wanting to go through it to the other side? Imagine that you had the idea that instead of looking up periodically to get to the destination you wanted to make sure you didn’t step on anything so you kept your head down. As you made your way you saw all kinds of things that could have made your shoes dirty in some way. However, when you felt the need to look up you realized you were going the wrong way or you went off course. This can be how our brain works. It tries to detect any wrong thing or obstacle it has to overcome instead of keeping our mind fixated on the destination. This can have many influences in many areas of our lives. 

In the area of health, this can be similar. Sometimes, many times when things are not going the way we first wanted it to, we often look at what is going wrong rather than what is going right. Illness and pain indicate that what we are doing is not in alignment to what the body needs. That is great because if that didn’t happen it could end up being worse. So instead of looking at the pain, issues and obstacles we can turn our attention to the good. Everyone will encounter many things in life but when we focus on the good we can start to see it more clearly. Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip