2024… Here.. We.. Go! Hi Natural Health Family. I imagine everyone is off to a good start to the 2024 calendar year. 2023 was quite a journey and thank you to all who were a part of it here at Natural Health. I would think by now everyone has heard of New Year’s resolutions. Sometimes this can be fun for people and can bring them new opportunities for creating something new in their lives. However, many times we don’t necessarily keep up with the resolutions. Instead, I would offer up a new way of seeing this year. Rather than wanting to change the way we do things, let’s change the way we see and focus on things in life.

Have you ever looked up what focus means? One resource explains it as “point of convergence,” from Latin “hearth, fireplace.” Imagine, if you will, wanting to start a fire. The only things you had were a magnifying glass and a piece of paper. Now we know if we are able to take the light from the sun and focus its rays on a single point it can bring enough heat to cause a fire to form. Now if we view this in terms of daily life we can see that our focus can help us to gain energy on what we want to do in life. If we ponder on the many great achievements of professional athletes, inventors, musicians, workers, etc. we can find that they were able to direct their focus to accomplish what they wanted. When we focus, just like the magnifying glass converging its rays building heat on the paper and creating flames, we too can focus and create new things in our life. 

Of course there are many things nowadays that can try to divert our focus or take our attention away such as social media, commercials, and other sources. Nonetheless, we have the ability to take our power back and focus on more of the good in the world. Let’s focus on health when needed and make 2024 a great year.

Have a blessed week.

Dr. Chip