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     What a great weekend! The weather was awesome and there was enough wind to fly kites – ha. I hope that all you Mushroom Hunters out there got your fill. It sure is nice not having to wear winter coats but it’s also nice that we’re having a Spring this year and not running right into hot summer weather. As the weather heats up, don’t forget about hydrating yourself and using sea salt and mineral salt to help with hydration. We always recommend that folks use fresh squeezed lemon juice in their water to help with electrolytes. But don’t drop the lemon slice in the water unless it’s organic – the peel may have chemicals on it. It even makes the water taste better and hydration is so important. Almost as important as food.

     Speaking of food, the article that I’m sending along today looks at the importance of eating good food as your medicine and that medicine, i e drugs, are not food and do not help heal the body, only control symptoms. I know that folks like to use their insurance and things are getting by easily by just popping a medication for certain conditions, but you are only robbing Peter to pay Paul. It’s like using black tape on the red light on the dashboard of your car that’s blinking to cover up the symptom and not look at the cause. Just ask all those folks in nursing homes that can’t hardly move or think because they have been on many medication for years and years. We all know that we’re mortal but we want to live well the whole time we’re here.

     As we are starting into a new month, our topic has changed to women’s health and in our health shop, we are going to discuss hormonal issues. This topic goes right along with the food information in the previous paragraph as what you eat has a lot to do with how the hormones are going to work. For instance, if you’re eating a lot of refined carbohydrates and not many oils that are precursors to the hormones, that whole system will be “messed up”. This is a big reason why many women are on antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. It’s all related to what you eat and the stresses you’re under and if the body can handle these stresses. We help all of our patients with that every day here at National Health, but especially the women who are on these  Psych medications. If you want to be well and be happy without medication, give us a call.

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