Fresh Start

Welcome back Natural Health Family! 

I imagine everyone had a great weekend and got to do something fun or checked off a task you wanted to accomplish. This February has shown us what Midwest weather can do. From one extreme to the next, you never know what it can do. 

Life has a way to bring unexpected turns of events and being open to change can help allow life to unfold more. February can be a month for fresh starts and new beginnings. 

We have talked about it in recent posts about how change can seem scary at times and that the brain can be wired for survival which makes the change seem fearful. However, when we choose to see life differently we can realize that many times in life we have gone through changes both big and small. 

Many times we may feel overwhelmed or anxious because we try to think and control everything that happens in life. 

Of course, it is okay to plan for different events that may happen in life but to worry about it chronically can affect our health and wellbeing. Sometimes the best thing to do in what seems like intense situations is to remember to take a breath and relax so that we can see the situation in different lights. Many times what we think we’re bad events turned out to be a nudge or guide to better outcomes. 

I hope this message finds you well. Remember that you always can choose to start fresh. 

So what is it that you can start that you have been wanting to or something that you can let go of that may be holding you back? 

Have a great week!

-Dr Chip