From One Form To The Next

 Welcome back Natural Health Family!

Some people have been saying it’s a little colder outside than last week, who would have thought. Although it may be colder, we want to be able to give ourselves the best means to adapt to whatever life presents to us. Metabolism is the week’s topic so let’s dive in and see what we can learn. 

How many people nowadays have heard the term metabolism? However, many people usually don’t concentrate on it so much but rather weight gain issues, diabetes, fatigue, etc. If you look back at America around 100 years ago you will see a much different world in regards to how people looked. Nevertheless, the reason why we want to bring it back to metabolism is because we want to focus on what we can do for ourselves and our health rather than what issues and labels we have come up within the relatively recent past. You may even wonder why has our general health as a Nation overall declined so much in recent years. Of course that could be a long discussion going over many topics but I would like to keep it simple and stay on point. When we talk about metabolism, people associate that much with weight gain and loss. However, metabolism actually is a term that describes all the chemical processes in the body. It is more how our body is able to convert one form of energy into the other. Just like when you eat a piece of fruit, a vegetable, hamburger, or any type of food your body converts that form into energy your body can use to carry out various processes. When we are healthy our body is very adaptable and can convert many forms of energy in a healthy way from many different foods. Or think about when it is cold outside the body will use the stored energy in the body so that it can stay warm and adapt to the temperature changes. So metabolism is more than just losing weight but is a good indicator of our overall health. 

Our bodies are greater than any technology in the world. it has an incredible ability to carry out trillions of functions and processes needed to sustain life. It has the ability to adapt to all sorts of things in life that would otherwise cause issues. Our metabolism is our means to utilize the energy needed to carry out these important life functions. One way to help promote a healthy metabolism is joy and laughter as it helps to regulate our nervous system in a healthy way. So this week, why not find some time to do something fun or talk to a friend and get a good laugh in, it’s good for you.

Have a great week! 

Dr. Chip