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Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a chance to really enjoy the beautiful weekend. The temperatures
were great but the ground has really dried out. This is a great time to get
things done outside though since there’s not a lot of mud and the like. Any
kind of digging chores, though, are tough because of the dry hard ground. That
kind of activity can be hard on backs and knees, etc. I hope we have a nice
long fall so we can get all these chores done on our lists and then not feel
guilty hibernating all winter-ha.

month were talking about Back to School activities in our health shop. This
week were talking about Learning Disabilities and should have some good
information on how to help kids feel comfortable learning and helping it come
easier to them. There are some very simple steps to take for this and we will
talk about those in our health shop. As reminder, we do the health shop live
Monday nights at 6:15 on Instagram and Facebook, and then eventually post them
to Brighteon.com and YouTube.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the use of ketones in the
body as a fuel source and how it really is the best kind. Most people cannot
stay in ketosis all the time but it’s good for your body to develop what’s
called metabolic flexibility. This means the body can burn all kinds of fuel
and if the body can do that, it keeps us from having insulin resistance and
heading towards diabetes. I don’t know how many times a week I’m talking to
patients about how our society is so geared towards sugary junk. All of our
holidays have to have cookies and cakes, our drinks have to be sugary and
sweet, and many people want dessert of some sort after every meal. It’s no
wonder that this country has such a problem with diabetes and heart disease.
This kind of activity also reduces the strength of the immune system and that
leads us to the cancer issues. The funny thing is that the body likes to burn
sugar and likes the energy, the trouble is there’s no nutrition to help the
body with this task in these sugary processed “foods”. The goal of metabolic
flexibility is to get the body to be able to use other forms of foods for fuel
that are more complete and able to help the body burn them without getting into
stores of vitamins and minerals and depleting those. There are rules the body
follows to live by and most people have no idea what they are. This can include
many mainstream medical people. At Natural Health, we really work towards
helping educate our patients as to how the body works and what it needs to be
healthy. It really isn’t that hard but takes a little work and understanding. 

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Dr. Mark