Getting Out of The Way

Happy day Natural Health Family! I imagine everyone is doing well. This month we continue our talk about digestive health and what that all entails. Our ability to digest and process is not only important with the foods that we eat but also with what we learn. Many are learning more about how our healthcare system is not as effective as we thought with much sickness and dis-ease going on in the world. It’s time to see that there are more options and that our health can be helped in more natural ways. Let’s take a bite of some more food for thought.

Have you ever wondered how we got here in the first place? And when I say here I mean that of the state of this country’s health. Have you been seeing more about the many health problems that people have? Or now how the guidelines for the past virus are so much different now than it once was? Much of the information out there can seem complicated, overwhelming, and even at many times contradicting. This is a time where information can travel so fast which can be a double-edged sword. Nevertheless, we can conclude from much of this that the health of our nation comes from the paradigm it is currently in. It comes from the notion that our bodies break down over time and that we are doomed to a genetic destiny that determines our health. This has led us so far away to the basic understanding that our bodies are made to heal, to regulate, and to adapt to life. Just like our bodies’ ability to breathe 2,000 gallons of air a day and pump around 2,000 gallons of blood per day (without us even thinking about it) helps us to see that it is very intelligent. It’s up to us to support that process, to reset if needed, and at times get out of our own way.

What if health was the new normal? What if we knew the power that our bodies have to heal rather than get caught up in all the efforts to subdue the problem that we face? To allow our bodies to do what is needed rather than to struggle or fight against the issue at hand. Let’s wake up to a new understanding or better yet a forgotten ability of what we are really capable of. Have a great week!

– Dr. Chip