Got Bowel Issues?

 Hello everyone in Natural Health Nation –

     It’s so nice to have warmer weather and I hope you were able to enjoy it this weekend. The birds are chirping, the ducks and geese are flying and I’ve heard of flowers coming up to show the signs of spring are here. I’m sure looking forward to green grass and the smell of that first cutting. It’s an awesome time of year, to watch everything coming back to life from a hard winter. I hope you are able to get Outdoors into the fresh air and sunshine and come back to life after hibernating. I think everyone is looking forward to being able to get outside.

     We are working on the topic of diet in February and the topic for this week’s Health shop is stomach and bowel issues. The article that I’m sending along with this email is about a “DNR” put on some folks in  care facilities. A “DNR” is a “do not resuscitate” order and the folks that had it used on them didn’t even know it. My purpose in discussing this is that when you’re in a care facility of whatever sort, you are at their mercy. The goal at Natural Health is to keep you from  needing to be in those places. Diet is such an important place to start this process of being actually healthy and is why we have brought it up this

month to talk about. The stomach and bowel are parts of this system that must be working correctly to attain and maintain  true health. It’s not about being pain free only but actually getting the system to work correctly and having Optimum energy in the body for it to be able to repair itself. People that age fast have lost that ability and their systems break down. I’m sure you have seen many older folks who are in great shape, even though it is becoming rarer. Our goal at  Natural Health is to keep our patients at Optimum Health throughout their whole life. We are mortal so we need to enjoy all the years we have and not be in care facilities and on tons of medication.

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