Got Fatigue?

  I hope that you enjoyed your weekend, I know that we did. I’m  trying to take the time to look at nature and see that everything is Greening up and see  how fast things can actually grow with the correct amount of rain and warmer temperatures. It seems like in previous years, this time of year seems to sneak by so quickly and then we’re into the middle of summer and just miss it. It’s a great time of year and we should all try to enjoy it. With all the trees and flowers and things growing quickly, there is lots of pollen out there and people are needing help with sinus issues. We have some very good strategies here at  Natural Health to handle these symptoms without more drugs confusing the issue. We are here to help you and yours.

     This week’s topic for our health shop is chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome  is a good example of a diagnosis that is treated medically but there are many underlying reasons for it that are not even looked at. A very simple one is the lack of salt in the diet. It’s such a simple thing but it’s been pooh-poohed by mainstream medicine for  years. We are  talking about sea salt or mineral salt, not the white salt junk that has had all its minerals removed. There are many other reasons for chronic fatigue and we deal with these causes here at Natural Health. This brings me to the article that I’ve included this week talking about the covering up of good treatments for this virus business. I find it interesting that people are starting to wake up to the fact that alternative treatments, that are far better than mainstream treatments,  are being covered up and suppressed. Since I’ve been in nutrition and Chiropractic for over 39 years now, I’ve seen this go on for years and decades. Mainstream medicine is controlled by big Pharma and that’s all the information you’re going to get from them. It’s about making more and more money. Now don’t get me wrong, mainstream medicine is very good on emergency and acute problems and they do have treatments for the general conditions but most of those make the conditions worse and can only handle the symptom. This is why half of our country is diabetic or pre-diabetic and two-thirds of our country is overweight. It’s another reason why medical treatment is the number three cause of death in this country, depending on which author you  listen to. I do feel that many people are starting to understand this and are looking at alternatives to mainstream medicine but it’s hard to understand what’s available out there and what works. That is why I’m so happy that we discovered Nutrition Response Testing and I’m able to prove to patients what works and how to get their bodies actually healthy. Anybody on long-term medication is not healthy and we see patients on 5-10-15-20 or more medications. Yes they can function, but not very well and what good is a long life that you can’t enjoy and have energy in.

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