Got Sinus Issues?

 Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

we had another great weekend and I hope the weather continues to improve. It’s
pretty early yet on the calendar so I’m sure we’ll have some cold temps yet but
hopefully more and more warm days. The sun is out longer and longer during the
day and that sure is nice to drive home in sunlight rather than the darkness.
We’re noticing patients having more problems with dizziness or lightheadedness,
and that seems to be sinus related. We have some great products to help the
liver to drain the sinuses so they don’t back up into the lymphatics and put
pressure on the inner ear. Antronex is one of those products that works on the
liver and helps to drain all of the mucus and stuff out of the sinuses and
lymphatics by getting the liver to have a higher capacity for drainage. It
works very well and were using a lot of it.

forget that we have changed our Health Shop/Patient Education Workshop times so
that the first and third Monday of the month are for our in-house patient
education workshop and then the fourth Monday of the month is the health shop
that we will put on Facebook and Instagram live, and then on and
YouTube. This month’s topic is Heart Health so we will have a good conversation
about that next Monday live on Facebook and Instagram. Our plan is to get into
a little more detail than the original health shops and hope that we send along
a lot of good information for folks to know about and to react to.

article that I am sending along this month looks at the “myths and truths” of
the covid debacle. The point I like to make here at Natural Health, is if you know
that your healthy and you have good energy in the body, you can handle any of
these bugs that are out there and you don’t need to rely on mainstream media or
some guy with a white coat and stethoscope around his neck. You should be able
to rely on your own judgment and common sense to pull you through many of these
“pandemics”. As we have been able to surmise, the public health departments are
working for the government and big Pharma and not particularly for the citizens
health or well-being. The more that we learn about how this “pandemic” was
handled, the more we know that we shouldn’t trust the “experts” without using
some common sense and judgment of our own. It really isn’t that hard to get
independent information on these topics and there are many sources to do that.
Just ask us here at Natural Health and we can get you a list of independent
news sources, rather than the talking heads on mainstream media. 

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Get Healthy,
Stay Healthy, and Live Well-Dr. Mark