I wanted to talk about gratitude and why it is so powerful for our overall health and well-being. Gratitude can help us in many situations and in these times it might be one of the most important emotions we can express. 

    The HeartMath Institute has shown science of why positive emotions such as gratitude can be an effective way to lessen stress and create more balance in life. The institute has discovered how the brain and heart are very well connected. That is why practicing gratitude can play a crucial role in your health.  Feeling grateful for anything in your life produces oxytocin in the body which serves to relax the body, blocks out pain, and helps with other health related characteristics. Gratitude can help balance out the nervous system which helps the body heal and increases its adaptability to stress.

Gratitude is a powerful feeling and can be practiced anytime. It is easy to wake up and think about all the things that are or could go wrong in life. However, when we start the day thinking about the things that we are grateful for, we start experiencing more events in our life that we are more naturally grateful for. It can also be practiced during the day when it seems that there are problems occurring in work life or personal life. Another way to practice is at the end or your day  writing down in a journal or just thinking about 5 or 10 things that you are grateful for in your life. These things don’t have to be overly important, they can be as simple as having a nice bed to sleep in. 

In these stressful times it is important to express more positive emotions as this helps regulate the nervous system which helps bring energy back to your immune system.  Finding things to be grateful is a great way to unlock your healing potential and maintain your health. Practicing gratitude with your own thoughts as well as expressing it to others can bring about a great change to all of us. When we start to express gratitude towards one another then we can be healthy as a community. 

With that being said, I want to express my gratitude to all of our patients at Natural Health. You are all amazing people and we will continue to do our best to stay healthy and happy as one big family. Thank you for being with us as we will continue to serve you.