Gratitude: Counting Blessings

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation.
I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend and are not too stuffed from all the overeating. It was a great time to catch up with relatives and friends and count your blessings. Hopefully everyone got along well and perhaps even let go of past problems and strife. Thanksgiving is a kind of warm-up holiday for the Christmas season and everything that goes along with that. I hope and pray that you all do not stress out during this season but if you do feel stressed, we have great nutritional support to help your body handle it. Drenamin is one of our top sellers to help the adrenal glands which are your stress handling gland. Also Kava Forte is a great herbal supplement to help relax with, kind of the opposite of coffee. Come by the office or give us a call at 217 – 228 – 2040. Since we’re into December now, our theme has changed to one of discussing Stress, Fatigue and Sleep.

We deal with this a lot with our patients and have helped lots of folks with these problems. With our three-pronged approach of nutritional support for the organs and glands, chiropractic adjustments to help with nerve flow and getting the organs to work at optimum, and our energy work to help the body channel its energy through the nerves to areas of need for the body to work at optimum, we can help anyone with these problems. I have included this week, an article on Gratitude and how positive emotions and thoughts help us to heal ourselves and stay in a positive energy state. If you watch the news all the time, or listen to bad stories from people, or other sources of negative information, it will drag your body’s energy down and lend you towards immune system issues. We see this with people that are under constant stress and are always having colds and flu.

We have the ability to choose to listen to good and positive information and keep our energy up. This is why our approach to health works so much better as were always working towards more energy in the body and a positive Outlook on future health and longevity. We want to see you at optimum health, not just getting by. Be grateful and happy, and don’t let yourself get stressed out during the holidays.  Came a crossed a wonderful gratitude article HERE that will  keep you feeling warm inside as we head into the holidays.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark