Hand Grenades

Hello Everyone in Natural Health Nation-

                I hope
that you had a great weekend and we sure enjoyed the sunshine. We tried to sit
outside a few times but the wind made it seem cold. The sun was bright and the
grass is starting to green up so I think we’re all looking forward to mowing
grass for at least the first two or three times. I really love this time of
year as there is so much promise in the growing season and is just great to see
everything be green again. It’s also too early for a lot of pollen so it’s
great to be outside. Don’t forget that we have lots of great supplements here
at Natural Health to help with allergy symptoms and detoxifying the body.

week is the fourth Monday of the month so we are having our live health shop
this week at 6: 15 on Instagram and Facebook and then will have the recording
on Brighteon.com and YouTube. This month were talking about diet, and we don’t
mean dieting, but being aware of the foods that are good for the body and
necessary for good health, and staying away from what I call the “hand
grenades” in the diet that are not really foods, but we eat them anyway. We’ll
have a good explanation of that in this week’s health shop and these rules are
actually fairly easy to adhere to, but people just don’t know them. When most
people’s dietary information comes to McDonald’s and Pepsi, they’re not going
to have a healthy outcome. The purpose of our health shops, and patient
education workshops, is to help patients remember the good rules of eating and
what happens when you don’t. Don’t forget that an ounce of prevention is worth
a pound of cure.

article that I’m sending along this week looks at the dangers of fake meats.
These “foods” are ultra-processed stuff that the body doesn’t use for the
purposes that meat is around for. Between the flavor enhancers and the
preservatives, these “foods” or not what they appear to be, or are sold to be.
These food manufacturers are trying to control the market by getting people to
rely on processed foods rather than growing their own foods-like cows and
chickens and garden vegetables and the like. They can’t control that! But if
they get the public to rely on processed foods that only come from them, and
are usually loaded with refined sugars, refined salt, and bad oils, they can
control where people spend their money for foods, and don’t give a damn about
your health. At Natural Health, we look at it the opposite way where we want
people to be healthy and get as much food locally and unprocessed as possible.
Not only does it give you food independence, but it tastes better and is so
much more healthy for you and your family. 

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

Dr. Mark