Handling Stress

            I hope you’re having a great day,
even though it’s Monday. Christmas is next week, is anyone panicking yet? Most
people I talk to are already wrapping their gifts or buying gift cards so
everything seems under control. There is always that stress though of
remembering everyone and getting the right thing. The snow we have makes the
season seem more like Christmas time but we all know that means winter and a
dreary season for a while, unless you actually like snow-ha.

            The theme that were working on this
month is handling Stress and it becomes a problem this month with all the
different deadlines- Christmas stuff, tax stuff, relatives visiting, traveling in
bad weather, etc.. One of the big actions that we talk about in the office is
remembering to breathe. It may sound silly but when people get so busy and
stressed, they forget to breathe deeply and relax. Anyone can do it-it’s very
simple and with no cost. We even have a handout sheet for those who need
help-ha. It’s so important to remember the positive things that go along with
Christmas and the season rather than focusing on the negative. Remember that
God gives us only the things that we can handle, so relax and work through
whatever you need to.

            The article I’ve enclosed today is
on Playtime. Again, like the lack of breathing properly, we sometimes get so
busy that we forget about playtime in whatever form that works for you.
Focusing on a positive and fun thing and laughing and enjoying yourself and
friends and relatives, is so important to proper brain function and energy. One
of my favorite movies this time of year is Christmas Vacation. There’s so much
stress and stuff going on in there and then at the end, everything turns out
okay, except for Clark’s destroyed house-ha. So with that and all the plans
you’re making around Christmas time, try to work in some playtime and good
times, and don’t forget to breathe deeply and relax. Also don’t forget about
our Healthy Workshops on Monday nights at 6 o’clock. We’ll be live on Facebook
and Instagram and post the videos to YouTube and Brighteom.com. And a
suggestion for your New Year’s resolutions.

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Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live

-Dr. Mark