Happy New Year

            Hopefully you all survived Christmas
and some of the foods that you got a hold of-ha. Many of the food diaries that
I’ve seen lately have some not so good foods on them but I realize it’s the
holidays and you have to try what other people bring. Just like an alcoholic, a
sugarholic just needs to get back on the wagon if there has been a relapse.
Sugar is just as addictive as alcohol and the problem with the holidays is that
it is a societal way of getting hooked back onto eating sugar and processed
foods. We all want to be healthier in 2020 so get back on the ketogenic type
diet. If you have problems, just give us a call here at Natural Health and we
will work you through it.

            I’ll try to keep this weeks letter
short as were all still working on holiday season timeline. The article that
I’ve included looks at using simple household items for cleaners instead of
buying stuff that has more toxic chemicals in it. The underlying point is that
we have been advertised and hoodwinked into buying stuff that we could use much
simpler and cheaper substitutes for. We will talk a lot more about this in 2020
in our upcoming health shops on Monday nights at 6 o’clock. Hope to see you
there and wishing you a very healthy 2020.

            From all of us here at Natural
Health, we hope you enjoyed your Christmas day and celebrations and we wish you
a very Happy New Year! Please remember us if you’re talking to folks who are
not healthy. Let them know that we are here to help not only reduce the pain
and suffering there in, but also reduce the expenses they incur with medical
treatment. Our goal for 2020 and beyond is to help change the healthcare
paradigm from that of disease management to true and natural health care. Help
us out if you can! 

Please click here to read article from Dr. Mark.

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy, and Live Well

-Dr. Mark